Lee-Anne Raymond Surreal and Fantastic Art

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world"
Albert Einstein

Surreal drawing graphite, detail

About leeanneart.com

The works depicted on this website includes samples of my oeuvre dating back to 1988.

Leeanneart.com has received a long overdue reboot ensuring a more modern browsing experience for the visitor. The visitor will already sense, however, that my leap into modern website architecture does not fully embrace modern website design. This is intentional, as I wish to create paths for exploration so as to allow for some adventure to interrupt the journey. The internet is vast, the offerings in some senses, with architecture driving design instead of the other way around, are becoming more and more generic and predictable. Hopefully this site provides for a better more unique and valuable experience. The viewer should be in no doubt at least that this is is an art website, made by an artist to showcase their art, thus it should intrinsically link to a persona and personality. This I think has been achieved.

It is on purpose that the viewer is taken to or finds themselves in distinct areas, not unlike a physical wandering through various themed galleries, this means the viewer must backtrack or advance of their own accord. Spaces are distinguished, in this case, by time and medium, by subject and history. This will be appealing for some more than others, the device of distinguishing spaces and paths is important for defining my artwork in the relevant contexts that I wish to highlight. And, for now, this is a very different experience to the many other art sites available.

I have used various programs to create all the images and graphics found on this website which has been built using Dream Weaver, Lucid and Mobirise web building tools. I am particularly fond of DW, we go wayback. Lucid and Mobirise I endorse for their creation of solid functional codes in packaged downloads and their generosity of spirit to the 'no_real_webskills' practitioner such as myself.

Commerce facilities are included to support the viewer to obtain my joint, self-published, Catalogues.
I welcome all genuine enquiries through my contact link.

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Successive extraordinary events prevented the updating of leeanneart.com since 2011, about which more can be discovered by a curious visitor if they choose to explore this site more.

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Artist's Statement
Art of the Imagination, Surreal and Fantastic

The content and purpose of art is to act as a transmitter of human idea and endeavour through visual and or audial expression. Above all my art is about exposing secrets, revealing inequity and highlighting complacency. If we accept that art gives expression to the human desire to understand and pronounce its very existence then it must seek to challenge status quo, opinion masquerading as truth, fear and authoritarian dogma. Art can stretch the mind as much as the senses so success for me is to convey an idea and evoke meaning and connection in the viewer. Without the idea we have decor. Put another way, truth and its expression can lead to beauty, but without truth as the goal beauty though pleasing is rendered empty. The conclusion that art represents pure expression alone, that it has or should have no connection with human ideas, exposure of human evil as well as of human endeavour and human desires, diminishes the role art already does play in advancing a progressive society.

Ultimately where art can be at its most inspiring, beautiful and powerful is when it is exposing the ugly, shocking truth.


In 2002 I travelled to the USA accompanying my partner on an exhibiting and recreational trip (some highlights can be viewed via the preserved link below). It was a post "9/11" journey to a country recovering from a shocking assault. There is zero humanity or honour in the slaughter of the unsuspecting and innocent for the glory of religion or ideology. Nearly two decades on perhaps unsurprisingly there has been a doubling down of religious ideology. Religions against each other, against reason, ultimately against the world in order to have ultimate dominion over it remains the greatest threat to the human right to freedom, to peace and fraternity for all. Unperturbed by the irony the faithful have clung ever more desperately to their faith of whatever god they flock to. How many gods can be the "one true god"? This one true god must surely win out above all other false gods and their false prophets eventually?

The blind reliance on religions and their dogma defines human weakness and remain its mortal curse.